Nurses and Midwives (Victorian Public Sector) Enterprise Agreement

The Victorian public sector has recently approved a new Nurses and Midwives Enterprise Agreement, which aims to provide better working conditions and salary increases for nurses and midwives across the state.

Under the agreement, nurses and midwives will receive a 3% pay increase annually for the next four years, along with an increase in allowances such as shift penalties and professional development allowances. The agreement also includes provisions for improving workplace safety and addressing workload concerns.

The Victorian government has stated that this agreement will help to attract and retain highly skilled nurses and midwives in the public sector, which will ultimately improve the quality of healthcare provided to patients.

The agreement is the result of months of negotiations between the Victorian Nurses and Midwives Association (VMA) and the government. The VMA has praised the agreement, stating that it is a win for nurses and midwives who have been working hard under difficult circumstances.

However, some have criticized the agreement for not going far enough in addressing the systemic issues facing nurses and midwives in the public sector, such as understaffing and overwork.

Regardless, the new agreement represents an important step forward for the nursing and midwifery profession in Victoria, and highlights the importance of valuing and supporting healthcare workers who provide essential services to the community.

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