Borsa Istanbul Data Distribution Agreement

Borsa Istanbul Data Distribution Agreement: What You Need to Know

Borsa Istanbul, also known as Istanbul Stock Exchange, is the sole exchange entity of Turkey that operates markets for equities, debt instruments, derivatives, and precious metals. Borsa Istanbul is a leading market infrastructure provider in the region, offering reliable and efficient trading, clearing and settlement services to investors, issuers, and intermediaries.

As a publicly-traded company, Borsa Istanbul values transparency and the ability to provide accurate and timely data to its stakeholders. In line with this mission, Borsa Istanbul has recently signed a data distribution agreement with three international financial data providers: Refinitiv, S&P Global Market Intelligence, and FactSet. The agreement allows these providers to distribute Borsa Istanbul’s financial data to their global client base, enhancing the visibility of Turkey’s capital market and increasing its attractiveness to foreign investors.

The data distribution agreement includes Borsa Istanbul’s equity, bond, and derivatives market data, as well as its economic indicators and macro data. The data will be offered in real-time, delayed or end-of-day formats, depending on the provider’s subscription level. The agreement will enable investors, analysts, and other market participants to easily access and analyze Borsa Istanbul’s financial data alongside other global market data.

The agreement is a win-win for all parties involved. For Borsa Istanbul, it reinforces the exchange’s commitment to providing accurate and reliable data to the global financial community. By expanding its reach through international data providers, Borsa Istanbul can attract more foreign investment, which is crucial for the growth and development of Turkish capital markets.

For the data providers, the agreement expands their coverage into a fast-growing market with great potential. Turkey is a key emerging market economy, with a young and tech-savvy population and a strategic location bridging Europe and Asia. The Turkish economy has been performing well, with high growth rates and a positive outlook for the future. The Borsa Istanbul data distribution agreement allows the data providers to better serve their clients by providing them with access to a wider range of valuable financial data.

In conclusion, the Borsa Istanbul data distribution agreement is a significant milestone for Turkey’s capital markets. By partnering with international data providers, Borsa Istanbul can enhance its visibility and credibility on the global stage, attracting more foreign investment and ultimately contributing to the development of the Turkish economy. For investors and analysts, the agreement provides access to valuable financial data that can inform their investment decisions and drive their success.